Registration Questions

Any other questions you would like added to the list?  Email: info(at)transrockies.com.

What date do you use to determine my age (for classification into age categories)?
We use your age as of the end of the calendar year. For example, for the 2020 event, we will use your age on December 31, 2020.

I would like to take part but I don’t have a partner and I don’t want to ride solo. What do you recommend?
Your best bet is to find someone who is close to you in ambition level and riding abilities. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Try connecting with your local cycling club and go on group rides to see who might have an interest. Also, check the various internet forums, to see who else is looking for a partner. Post a thread looking for partners. Finally, tell all your friends. Word can spread that you are looking for a partner quickly. Someone who may not have considered it will think twice if they have a willing partner who is ready to go.

How does the team category work?  Do they race as a relay?
Teams of two race together for the entire 6 days and must remain within two minutes of each other at all times.  It is not a relay format.

When will the race sell out?
Good question! It is difficult to determine this accurately. Our recommendation: register early to avoid disappointment!  Field limit is 300 total spots including ST6 and ST3!

What currency is the entry fee in?
The entry fee is in Canadian Dollars. Check with your bank for the latest exchange rate. Note that 5% Goods and Services Tax will be added to your entry.

When is the balance of my registration fee due?
To hold your registration, you must pay the balance of your entry fee in full by March 30, 2020.

Accommodation Questions

What are the accommodation options at the event?
Accommodation is hotel only and it is up to each individual rider to book unless you purchase the Optional Accommodation Plan.  There is no camping provided but you may choose to self camp.

Where and when do I need to book hotels for the 2020 event?
View HERE.


What’s the schedule of events?
A detailed schedule will be published one month before the event.

How do I get to my hotel after each stage?
In many host communities our partner hotels are a short ride or walk from the finish line.  In locations where they are not close, if you have opted for our transportation service, we will offer bus transportation several of our partner hotels.

Can I travel home the same day that the event finishes?
We strongly recommend that participants spend at least one night following the event in the finish community. The finishers’ banquet is a real celebration and the last thing you will want to do after 300 kilometres in the saddle is sit in a car or airplane for hours!

Do I need a support team?
No, Singletrack 6 is fully supported.  We also offer several optional amenities such as hotel plans, massage and bike repair. Some participants do choose to have the extra support of friends and family along.  To accommodate these people we offer several options such as additional food passes and bus transfers.

Which airport do I fly into?
Calgary International Airport: 3.5 hour drive to Fernie, BC (start of race).  8 hour drive from Rossland (finish of race).
Castlegar International Airport: 4.5 hour drive to Fernie, BC (start of race).  One Hour drive from Rossland (finish of race).

How can I get to the start from the airport?
You can either rent a vehicle at the airport or opt for our transportation package.

Race Course / Route

Is it possible to ride the route before the race?
While it may be possible to ride some parts of the route in advance, sections of the full course are on private land or land we have special permission to access at race time, so it is not possible to replicate the route in its entirety.

How far apart are the check points?
The check points, where you can access food and drink, are usually no more than 20km apart. Each stage will have 1 or 2 control stations depending on the length of the stage.

Bike Transport / Storage

How will my bike be transported between stages?  If you book the Transportation package, your bike is transported in the best possible format via truck.  The event organizers and its sponsors cannot be held liable under any circumstance for any breakage or damages to your bike sustained during transit. Prior to loading your bike, make sure all equipment has been removed (bags, helmet, lock, etc.). During transport, the bikes will be protected with blankets, but if you wish, you can add additional protection to your bike, for example by wrapping the frame with styrofoam rolls like the ones used to insulate water heater hoses.

How will I get my bike back to my hotel at the end of a stage? Most hotels will be a short ride from the finish line.  When you finish your ride, you will be directed to load your bike to a truck designated for one of our selected pick-up/drop-off hotels.  The bikes will then be delivered to these hotels after all riders have completed the days stage.  Alternatively, if you do not need your bike at your hotel, it can be stored for the night in facilities we have booked in each community.  Details to follow in an event guide one month prior to the event.


We are not offering a meal plan in 2020 - each community has many dining options available.